Sunday, 24 August 2014

Changing Lives

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Being this inspired to put pen to paper, or in this case, fingers to keys hasn’t happened in a while. Lately, my time has been consumed with growing my business and plugging myself and my time into that during the moments I’m awake.

Tonight’s blog is a combination of lots of little things that has brought me back here with a view to share a few thoughts. The overwhelming theme this evening that I’m compelled to write about is life changing – no literally – I’m talking about; changing lives.

The things we say and do for each other, good or bad, have the potential to send us on paths of varying pain or pleasure. You might have had the desire in your mind to do something risky, out of your comfort zone, but you were too scared until some random person; or a good friend said: “Go on, why not give it a try...” and here you are, doing things with your life that you thought you’d never do, never thought you had the strength to do.

In light of what I just wrote in the previous paragraph, it’s so important not to be overly critical about yourself and the state of play your life is in, especially if you feel like life for you currently isn’t so great. We can all identify with times when things were not as sparkly or shiny as we’d like. During those times why not dedicate a portion of your energy into making someone else happy, I guarantee you’ll be happy too as a result. If a friend is debating a serious decision, don’t tell them what to do, help them to find the answer on their own. The best part about discovery is when you’re equipped with the tools and support to engage in it on your own.

As hard as life can be, why make it harder by spending precious hours being angry at other people. Do you have a passion? Is there something you’ve always wanted to do? Why not give over the time to get on with the things your heart is asking you to do, and thus make your heart ‘happy’.

Are you reading this and thinking; I’ve got so much negativity around me, it’s impossible to think straight’ and if that’s your existence right now, what’s stopping you being the person to send out the positive vibes missing from the circle of negative things trying to permeate your everyday life... I’m not saying this stuff is easy. I’m not saying you should listen and do as I say either; I’m merely handing over a different way of looking at things.
I was in a crappy place a few days ago for a number of reasons and within that crappy place, during those crappy moments, I thought: why can’t I flip it all 180 degrees, turn that frown into a smile, that dirty look into one of empathy and so on and so forth, and then it hit me – RECYCLE EVERYTHING!

So that’s exactly what I’ve been doing for the last several days. Anything I deem to have the potential to bring me down, I change it in my head, and it works. It takes some getting used to, and don’t get me wrong if you still want to grab a friend and have a rant; don’t avoid the opportunity, but as I said earlier – make someone else’s day brighter then work on yours...

We spend a hell of a lot of time looking for people to love when the one person we need to love is the person you are right now, in this moment and every moment that came before and after. Once we master that, other people gravitate towards us in floods. I can honestly say this is true, it works, I wouldn’t bullshit you for the sake of saying it on my blog to get you to read anything additional that I may write. Try it... Forget about that awesome person you’re trying to be with (it’s incredibly likely that very person has done exactly what I’m suggesting to you).

In summary:
-Make others feel good
-Think positively in the face of hardship
-Get out of your comfort zone
-Love ‘you’ first not last
-Make your heart happy

And like I do with my blogs I’m ending with a song. This song in particular is one my dad used to play when I was younger, it reminds me of a time when life was awesomely cool. I listen to it now I’m older and really hear the words and in some way I think my dad was teaching me something that he knew I’d eventually figure out for myself. I plan on letting him know I have...

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Dilemma of Intimacy

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Before I get my teeth stuck into this blog, I want to warn you that you may not agree with some or a lot of what I say. The language I may use could very well offend and your perception of me based on what you read might change. How you feel about all of what comes next is not actually my concern, your views are your own... these are just a bunch of thoughts I’ve had in the last 72hrs that dragged me over to my laptop...

Why is sex so good?

Ever stopped and wondered why you (you in particular) enjoy sex?

Have you ever been in love? Have you ever been in serious, no holding back, the Earth melts away and it’s just the two of you, love... and had sex, or as some of you would argue – ‘make’ love?
Well it’s a totally different experience than just picking up a ‘random’ or dating someone you kinda like for a while and sleeping with them.

Last time I checked I wasn’t a woman, but I can imagine that for most women, opening themselves up to someone and letting them in, all the way in, isn’t something they take lightly, or should be taking lightly.
As much as us guys try to roll around town gloating to our ‘boys’ that we macked the shit outta some woman and got her to drop her panties... the reality is, is that a woman allows you in, and it’s a warm, often moist invitation.

Guys, please don’t kid ourselves, no woman slept with us because we made them do it. If that was the case, well – we’re kinda treading that fine line that could get your ass thrown in prison.
Accept the fact that sleeping with a woman is a privilege and let her know with every inch just how grateful you are. This includes the time you spend when you’re not curled up around each other like a ponytail.

And yet, intimacy can be quite a dilemma...

You meet someone new, there’s immediate chemistry, but sometimes we’re unsure about where to go and what to do next.

Imagine a ‘first date’ – if within the first hour you’re both sitting very close, laughing at her joke, tracing the oddly shaped scar on the back of her hand with your index finger from where she fell of her bike, and she’s inviting you; by moving her hair out the way to look at the other one on the back of her neck, then I’m pretty certain a kiss is probably coming your way.

And what about sex?

What about it...

I don’t think it’s something to be toyed with or treated disrespectfully. I’m not a fan of not being in love and having some serious Doogoo Doogoo, but trust me, sex is far better when you’re with someone and in the act of her taking you inside, you both, for the longest time, lose all sense of anything but the feeling you have right then and there. It’s that exact feeling that grows with every touch, every kiss, every thought you have of each other when you’re apart that causes you to smile, and every silence you spend looking at each other when the other person doesn’t notice.  

It’s usually at this point that intimacy is no longer a dilemma...

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Make the call...

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Let me cast my mind back (click on the blog before the previous blog) and lo-and-behold it was about friends, so you can’t really blame me for staying on the same theme can you?!

The reason for this is that my friends are kinda frikkin’ awesome and all it takes is a phone call (yes a phone call not a text) to one of them and I’m filled with the unwavering desire to be with them giving out hugs and fist bumps.

As with most things that happen with all of us, there’s a story, and the road to writing this blog evolved from my son calling me from a christening he was attending. He simply wanted to say hi and check up on me which (if you’re a parent) feels ridiculously fabulous that your kid took the time to send you some love!
His call made me think of my parents who I was with only the night before chilling watching that Tom Hanks/Leonardo DiCaprio movie, you know; the one where Tom Hanks is chasing him for like the entire film... Anyway, it was great to be with the folks, laughing, talking, existing – something I need to do more often.
Mum picked up the phone when I called today and I said: “Hey, just thought I’d call to see if you were okay?” to which I could hear the smile and her subsequent mood elevate immediately. We talked, I checked on dad, said my “love you’s”, ended the call.

So now I’m in the zone, I’m heading home from training since 9am; it’s 6pm and I wanna tell someone who I love that, I love them. I try to call my son back twice but he’s more than likely doing the ‘Dougie’ or ‘Shuffling’ to very loud music.

I call Lianne! (Now... to my other friends, it’s not a reflection on depth/volume, but our sons have similar names so she and a few other people usually pop into my head when I’m ‘love-zoning’ plus I haven’t seen her in a hot minute)...

PS: The way she answers the phone is always, EPIC!
PPS: The way I respond to her EPIC greeting is borderline legendary!

So... we get talking and the first thing she highlights is that she was talking about me to someone else, and if you ever get the chance to listen to someone talking about how proud of you they are – DO NOT INTERRUPT – of which I didn’t.
I was unaware of how much stuff I’d done in a short space of time until she ‘framed’ it during our conversation, and as much as it made me feel good, I did actually call to hear about her.

Minutes later I got the 411 (the 411 being Lianne’s business of which I not going to share), and let’s just say I’m proud of my friend who is doing well regardless of various speed bumps and occasional hindrances. I've known this woman since 1997 and nothing is too negative or difficult for her to deal with and it made me realise even more how important it is to cherish everyone around you. It doesn’t really matter if people aren’t passing you positive energy, just be the one sending it their way and don’t expect anything back, it’ll circle round when it’s ready for you.

I digress a little... the 30 minute conversation with Lianne has been deep, uplifting and insightful, I end the call totally missing-my-friend like crazy and I’m sending her dates to keep free after July 18th (big day... very different blog)...

There are other things I want to say, and I started this blog intending to write on the topic above but, sent it in a slightly similar but different direction. 

I wrote this without thinking too much and thus the words came from probably the best place I can think of...

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Holy S!£t... Did You See Her Too?!

It's been a hot frikkin' minute but I'm back and I've had something on my mind for, erm... a hot frikkin minute now (***CORRECTION***) ...somebody! 
I owe the birth of this blog to my homegirl Dex aka 'Slim Baller' aka 'Do You Not Know Who I Am?'... Sometimes I need a little nudge to put my thoughts on the interwebs.

We were sitting in Gourmet Burger several moons ago putting away ounces of BULLY BEEF, when I start yapping about this woman I saw at the gym. Hell, I even wrote a status on Facebook concerning my inability to produce saliva when I saw her. 

What was I doing? I hear you say. Why didn't I talk to her? I hear you ask. 

At the time I was talking to one of the new starters on the volunteer programme and only caught a glimpse of the Olympian as she walked past. Clearly I'd forgotten what the hell I was saying because the woman I was talking to looked at me like I'd suddenly started talking gibberish. 

YES, at that moment in time I'd unlocked my latent ability to speak and say nothing, but noise was still being produced so, in my head everything was still working ticketty-boo. I remember my lips going a little dry too like this woman had walked past and sapped all the moisture out of the air. 

I kid you not, the rest of the male contingent of personal trainers, volunteers and gym instructors on various levels and balconies (it's a big flippin' gym) had seen her also and as guys do, we all shared the collective expression of men who'd seen an exclusive hard-to-obtain sports car drive past and absentmindedly gravitate towards it. 

Where was she going exactly...? >>> directly to the changing room (oh lord, if I was a fly on the wall in there what wonders would I see?). The to be truthful, I'd completely forgotten I was talking this other lady and what I was talking about, I'd nearly forgotten she was standing there too, so when the lights came back on in my head I had to ask her what the f&£k I was saying.

If you're expecting some sort of message, moral to this tale, an insight or piece of learning from the experience, then I'm afraid I've got nothing. I was just a dude, functioning as a dude, standing in front of a girl, gazing at another girl...